Planning for buying and selling your business

The key to a smooth transition when buying and selling a business is the preparation and planning. And proper preparation and planning begins with a professional approach. Shawn Wright, CPA. Ltd has the experience and expertise to help you create that success.

When buying a business, Shawn Wright, CPA. Ltd can:

  1. Review the financial statements for you.
  2. Provide advice on financing the purchase.
  3. Go over whether it’s better to buy shares or assets;
  4. Advise on whether the selling price seems reasonable;
  5. Help ascertain the number of accounts receivable on the books;
  6. Help you determine areas for growth through providing insight on cash flow patterns, inventory management, and pricing;
  7. Offer advice on property and equipment leasing and purchasing; and
  8. Provide you with a recommendation based on the company’s financial record

When Selling a business, Shawn Wright, CPA. LTD. Can:

  1. Provide a business valuation so you know what to ask for;
  2. Ensure your financial statements are up to date;
  3. Structure the deal after discussing with the client the opportunities and drawbacks of an asset versus a share/stock sale;
  4. Minimize tax implications;
  5. Research and create a risk evaluation of prospective buyers.